Iftar Donations

  "Alhamdulillah, for over a decade Stony Brook MSA has been offering daily iftars to all of the students, staff, and faculty on campus during Ramadan, and on Mondays and Thursdays during Shawwal. Allah (swt) has blessed us with the means and capacity to serve dinner each night on weekdays, but to keep this service running, we need your donations. Please help us by donating any amount that you can, and reap the immense rewards and gain the pleasure of Allah (swt) by helping us break our fasts."

Via Paypal:

To send money to Stony Brook MSA Via Paypal:
  1. Click on the link above that says "send money"
  2. When they ask who you would like to send the money to, type in Stony Brook MSA's email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  3. Enter the amount that you would like to donate.
  4. Click on the "Personal" tab and designate this amount as "other" or you will not be able to send your donation.
  5. NOTE: Paypal fees are applied when money is sent from a debit or credit card. The transaction is FREE when sent from a Paypal or Bank account.

Via Google checkout:

To Donate via Google Checkout, simply select the amount that you'd like to donate from the dropdown menu, and then use the checkout button to complete your donation.

Via check or money order:
NOTE: If you would like to make donations via check or money order, you should make it out to "Stony Brook Muslim Students Association" with "Iftar Donation" in the memo and mail it to the following address:

Muslim Students Association
Student Acitivities Center Room 218
SUNY at Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY, 11794-2800
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