"One Ummah is a clothing brand that aims to promote peace and unity between people of all different races, cultures and religions. The word ummah is the Arabic word for nation or people and what we mean by ‘One Ummah’ is one nation or people. One Ummah has its own exclusive font which uses Arabic letters that are manipulated to read as Latin text (English). The One Ummah designs are inspired by a mixture of Middle Eastern art and culture. There is a 'messages' range which consists of designs based on messages that promote peace, like forgiveness, benevolence, unity, patience etc. Our main slogan is 'Come To Common Terms'. The slogan aims to help bridge the wide gap that exists between the East and West. The slogan invites people from differing backgrounds to meet on common platforms."

"We at IslamicGems know confidence is your best accessory, and when you feel good about yourself, confidence naturally follows. We know its the minor details that can make you feel pretty. That one glimmering hijab pin along with your modest attire can make your whole day.To the world you might be covered, but you know you are beautiful! IslamicGems was launched in 2003 as an outlet for Muslim women to have access to contemporary hijab jewelry at an affordable price. Since then IslamicGems has become among the most trusted companies based in the United States of America setting standards in providing high quality products for Muslims around the globe. Our mission from the beginning has been to offer one of a kind elite products at inexpensive prices. We want to provide the Muslim woman with chic contemporary designs which still maintains modesty. IslamicGems is the original creator of the charm hijab pin collections.We originally came up with the idea of interchangeable hijab pins which are admired and sought by many. Recently IslamicGems has added islamic womens wear for the fashion forward Muslimah.
Please remember me in your duas and Inshallah I will continue in my humble effort to help the Muslim women cover elegantly.

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